The Vision Surgery Rehab Network, NFP, (VSRN) is a not-for-profit, patient advocacy organization comprised entirely of volunteers committed to making a difference. VSRN's purpose is fourfold:
  • increase understanding and awareness of causes of vision surgery complications;
  • facilitate optical, medical and/or surgical rehabilitation of chronic visual, physical and/or psychological effects of vision surgery complications;
  • promote development of effective non-surgical and surgical means to reduce or eliminate complications; and
  • advise patients, eye care practitioners and surgical instrument and device manufacturers of contraindications of various vision surgeries.

VSRN's primary focus is rehabilitation of complications from the various types of vision surgeries, from vision correction to cataract and corneal transplant surgeries, among others. Working with a dedicated, caring core of individuals and organizations, VSRN hopes to establish a wide network of resources that will fulfill our purpose and bring hope and help to those living with vision surgery complications.

Network partners will include, but are not limited to eye care providers, mental health professionals, the medical community at large, contact lens manufacturers and related eye care industries, and other interested parties. The scope of our activities will address, in addition to rehabilitation, the need for true informed consent for elective vision surgeries, prevention of complications, amd public awareness of the broad impact of vision surgery complications.

For information on all of the different ways to contribute to the success of the VSRN, please email
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