Thank you very much for all the answers and dedicated time Doctor. Because it is very important to me. I have a few more questions about my right eye. Because I have a big problem in it .

Before LASIK :
My glasses OD : SPH :-2.00 CYL : -4.25 axis 175
Autorefraktometer : OD : SPH :-1.75 CYL :-4.25 axis 175
cycloplegic refraction : OD : SPH :-1.25 CYL :-4.25 axis 175
but my cornea map only : CYL : -2.5 axis 175
My Lasik prescription OD : SPH :-2.25 CYL : -4.25 axis 175

After Lasik I asked My Doctor Lasik Why such a prescription
My doctor Lasik said :
Lasik prescription = manifest refraction =my glasses (that in this prescription I will feel the best )

My corneal map after a month :
Back cornea CYL: +0.6 axis 175 (As before LASIK)
Front Conrea CYL: -1,5 axis 79

I am very confused, Because I've always had a very clean, simple short-sighted astigmatism (With the rule) and now the axis turned almost 180 (Against the Rule). Now I know that he could do spherical equivalent, maybe I would feel better Then astigmatism decreased a little but the axis shifted a little Cyl -1 axis 66 .I still can't get used to the oblique view, becauseI have a few more questions

is it worth making lasik enhancement ?
Bcause I would remove this oblique astigmatism (front cornea)
The back cornea and internal astigmatism is almost 180 in my axis and it's easier to choose glasses ?

How to choose glasses?
For the anterior cornea Cyl - 1 axis 66 ?
Posterior cornea +0.6 axis 175?

AUTO REFRACTOMETER shows some stupidity or he is right and i don't understand
OD : CYL : -1.00 axis 31 ?

If you can see Doctor my Pentacam before and after Lasik  :

Thank you in advance for your answer

PS :Attention for new Lasik Candidates. The new Lasik ( femtosecond   VisuMax Laser and mel 90 excimer laser ) also causes eye floaters. I never knew about their existence before Lasik and now it's my plague

Hi Doctor
My current glasses
OD : SPH: + 0.5 CYL: -1.25 Axis 31 20/40 Slightly above cant do more.I do not know why maybe through the whole ghosting which is very magnifying in these glasses

I got to the near
I don't know if I can translate it correctly
accommodation flippers - (two lenses at the top -1.5 and two at the down + 1.5. Sorry for the description but I do not know how to describe this device differently

That fact that you have a residual (what's left after your LASIK) prescription is not as important as why you are only correctable to 20/40. Since LASIK alters the corneal shape there must be some distortion present. Do you have any post-LASIK topography or Pentacam findings you can upload? These are scans of your cornea.

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