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Helmit, I had lasik 6 years ago. My vision is bad, along with horrible dry eyes. I have never worn contacts in my life. If I had wanted contacts before lasik, I'd have gone down and bought some. Simple as that. I tried a couple of times, but it was never worth the hassle. I wore thick glasses my whole life, well since being 7 y/o.

My vision kept deteriorating after lasik. Then I found out I had cataracts. Bottom line, I tried contact lens about 4 years post-op. I got ZWAVES. To my surprise, I WAS ABLE TO TOLERATE THEM. However, because of the cataract issue and other problems, they were not my solution for long. I learned something valuable, though. I could tolerate them.

Less than a year after the ZWAVES, I had cataract surgery on one eye. It was not good. I ended up -4.33 in that eye and the eye pain was brought to the max again. Doc wanted to "piggyback' an iol to "correct the error." No deal.

I took a big chance and went for Boston Scleral Lens. I can tolerate the lens. I'm not suggesting you go to that specific outlet, but you just might be surprised that you could tolerate RGP's. I still face more surgeries regarding the cataracts, so my lens are not my permanent fix. They are helping me tolerate my pain and I have fairly good distance vision with the lens in place.

If you COULD wear RGP's and they helped you, it seems having more surgery is an unnecessary risk. Once our eyes are "fixed" it's still a temporary situation. Most will have cataracts eventually and other changes as we age. I'm not going for any "new-wave" stuff.
i got an ad in the mail for health insurance the other day and it said something like...

"Discounts on things such as gym memberships and Lasik surgery." Red Face

so casually as if lasik is like getting a hair cut.

...yeah today i'll sign up for a gym membership and then tomorrow i'll just go and get my eyes done.

maybe they offer a package deal where if you get lasik you can get a further discount on a gym membership.

or maybe you can choose one or the other- think i'd take the gym membership.

my total aberrations in the eye operated on were i think .86. the surgery brought it down to about .59 last time it was checked a few months ago.

i've read of people complaining when they have .20 and smaller pupils than i. i think most people without these types of problems/without RS are under .1.

.86. 7 years.

I'm sorry that the wavefront enhancement wasn't what you expected.

I'm thinking of getting one, and was basically hoping for about a 50% reduction in aberrations--that's what I've seen in recent papers. I haven't seen much luck towards 100% reduction.

So I find your story a mix of both encouraging and discouraging.

Can you say more about the new computer algorithm that you're on a waiting list for?

I'm curious--have you been free of any dry eye symptoms? I feel like my HOAs contribute to my dry eye somewhat.
I don't mean to discourage you further, however, it has been our experience with enhancements that if you have dry eyes now, an enhancement may exacerbate the dry eye problems and cause you further visual issues. The only real help for HOAs generally comes from expertly fitted RGP lenses.

Dry eyes can and do significantly impact overall quality of vision, causing HOAs to be more pronounced. Dry eyes are neither caused, nor physically affected by HOAs.

Enhancements are most effective for correcting residual refractive error for those who do NOT experience much in the way of HOAs. Few patients with significant HOAs have much success. Since the original cause of the HOAs has never really been addressed (why did they occur in the first place?), enhancement often creates further problems.
There was an article several months ago (I posted it here and will try to find it) in Ocular Surgery News that pointed out a very interesting finding. Patients with HOAs following wavefront procedures were just as likely to benefit from wavefront enhancement as those patients whose enhancement was performed with traditional (i.e., non-wavefront) procedures. This is like saying that your local GM mechanic can do just as good a job working on your Ferrari as a Ferrari-trained mechanic.
Welcome back, Helmit.

Your point about soft lenses and dry eye is well taken. Many of those who now wear RGPs to "fix" their bad RS have found that their previous experience with soft lenses and dry eye is completely different than with RGPs, which turned out to be not only tolerable, but quite comfortable.

If ever a reliable, repeatable surgical "fix" for HOAs appears, you'll all be able to hear me celebrating.
just posting to this old thread again to say what a joke that stupid "wavefront" surgery was. my doctor lied to me both before and after the surgery. let me reiterate: he lied to me, spliced my eye open, fried it, then lied to me again. he said he knew better than non-opthalmologists and that RGP contact lenses cannot help with aberrations as much as surgery. the eye that was operated on has been HARDER TO FIT AND MORE INTOLERANT OF RGP CONTACT LENSES in the years since this surgery. so this surgery has haunted me for these years and may haunt me for the rest of my life.

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