Hi, I am seeking information from individuals who have had previous rk refractive surgery and have been wearing rgp contact lenses to help them see better. I realize that most of them probably dont come back to this forum if they have great vision again, but if they do I would be very interested in knowing about their experience in getting fitted for rgps and the level of improvement in vision after seeing some of the doctors on this forum or other ones.
I know people live busy lives but connecting with them and getting their insight would help me make the decision of who to visit for a consultation...

Please feel free to email me at

Thanks all
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PH1, you're right. Most people don't come back to report their outcomes. But they do sometimes e-mail or call me after visiting the expert fitters to whom I have referred them. We have worked hard to identify expert fitters in many parts of the country, but the unfortunate fact is that they are few and far between. Some prefer not to have their names listed on the Web, for a variety of reasons, so if you are looking for a specialist in a particular area, we may be able to help you find someone.

There are many RK patients wearing RGP lenses successfully, but no two corneas are alike, so what works for one person may be a total disaster for someone else. The skill, knowledge and experience required to fix the mess created by refractive surgery is FAR GREATER than that required to make the mess in the first place!

If you are interested in finding an expert fitter, feel free to e-mail me at info@visionsurgeryrehab.org.

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