I has Bladeless Lasik a few years ago.

Since, My eye have been extremely dry with no sign of relief.

My problems is that I get this weird pain behind my left eye. almost like there is a bubble behind my eye. My eyes are Dry. I wake up in the morning and have to put eye drops in the first thing before I even open my eyes. 

I almost have symptoms of a sinus infection but was cleared by the ENT.

I almost feel like it might be allergy related and inflammation, because of lack of tears. The pain is not sharp but more like pressure in my nose and behind my left eye. Sometime I put my head all the way down and it can hear bubbles popping almost in my sinus.

Has anyone had this problem?

I have massive floaters as well but this has driven me insane in the last 2-3 years. not sure if its related to dry eyes. 

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