My condition is this; Last February (2014) I had Lasik to correct a mild prescription of -1.5 and -1.75 of nearsightedness. The surgery was successful however I was left with nighttime ghosting and halos. After 6 months I was told during a checkup with the Lasik optician that I was still slightly undercorrected and could use an 'enhancement'. I saw the surgeon and he said there was also a good chance it would fix the ghosting too. I decided that since my right eye was slightly worse than the left I would get the enhancement done only on the right eye. This 2nd surgery was done in August 2014 and was deemed successful by the clinic.

This is when my nightmare started. My eyes had trouble focusing together. One was in focus and the other not and reading was more difficult with the right eye. The ghosting also became worse but that isn't nearly as bad as the imbalance and headaches. 2 or 3 weeks after the surgery it was obvious something wasn't right but no one could tell what. The Drs said I was making trouble and should forget about it. The right side of my head became tight and felt different and my eyes felt unbalanced. This tightness turned into a constant headache that at times is unbearable. Sometimes glasses can help ease the pain and sometimes not.

I've been through many eye tests since and am told my left eye is -0.25 and the right is +0.25 but this should not be enough to cause the pain and constant headaches. I've become depressed and work is suffering. Sometimes I wonder how long I can go on. If this nightmare doesn't end what kind of life will I have? I'm 35 and the thought of living like this is unbearable.

I've already been to see a Dr in Texas that makes special scleral lenses. They helped with my ghosting but didn't fix the imbalance or headaches. It also cost me a lot of money and I can't afford to repeat that anytime soon.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I live in Vancouver and right now I need an eye patch over my right eye to give me relief.
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The scleral lenses should have fixed the imbalance, provided you see well and are comfortable with them. Did another doctor tell you that the sclerals are not correcting the imbalance?

Being -0.25 in one eye and +0.25 in the fellow eye IS enough to cause symptoms. But, who is to say that your actual prescription is -0.25 and +0.25? Post-LASIK refractions are often inaccurate, particularly when you are having symptoms associated with large pupils. I suspect that you are over-corrected.

Following such a small amount of LASIK, a corneal lens would be a lot easier to perfect and be less expensive as well. Most doctors believe that a large "optic zone" is required, the bigger the better, hence the idea of scleral lenses. This is not necessarily the case; corneal lenses can cover the whole of the entrance pupil without being made to vault the entire cornea and complicate the fitting process. The fitting of any lenses following LASIK (scleral or corneal) is no slam dunk, so being able to see a doctor for follow-up visits is critical.

I will let Barbara contact you. I believe we have a doctor in the VSRN network in Vancouver.
Thank you both for your responses. No Dr told me the lenses are not correcting the imbalance. I can feel it myself. The vision is clearer in both eyes however the headaches and the feeling of imbalance persists. The vision is good but I'm still not comfortable. It's very hard to articulate the sensation to others unfortunately.

I received your email Barbara and I'll get in touch with the Dr in Vancouver.

Thanks again


There is little likelihood of getting a response from many of the older threads as people have moved on ... some because their issues were resolved and others whose issues are not resolvable. Also, patients with similar symptoms may, in fact, have dissimilar problems. Each patient is unique in that regard.

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