Possible corneal neuralgia following DLK / CTK

Hi all, I have commented on other's posts in the past but haven't had the courage to talk about my own situation until now. I noticed that this forum is not as active as it was in the past but I hope that there are still folks out there reading the posts. And I apologize if I picked the wrong section for this post. 

I had LASIK surgery on both eyes on December 11. On the second day, I was diagnosed with Diffuse Lamellar Keratitis (DLK) Stage 2 on my right eye, followed by Central Toxic Keratopathy (CTK) on the same eye on day 6. CTK caused some tissue damage  in the cornea which resulted in irregular astigmatism. Over the last few months, the tissue regenerated a little bit which improved my vision, and my doctor expects the progress to continue over the next twelve months. Since my left eye is 20/20, I am fully functional with both eyes open so this situation is tolerable. 
However, alongside the vision problems, I have also been experiencing some pain on my right eye. The type of pain is hard to describe: it feels almost like toothache, comes in waves (once every five minutes or so), and it is not very severe (probably a 3 out of 10). I also sometimes have a vague sensation of pressure (almost like someone is lightly touching my eye lid) which is not painful. There is no burning, no itching, no light sensitivity. 
The intensity of the eye ache has decreased somewhat over the last couple of months but it is still there. More recently, I had a period of 4 days with no pain at all, followed by a week of moderate pain, followed by another period of 9 days of no pain. During those 9 days, life was completely back to normal with zero pain or sensation. But the eye ache returned again a few days ago.
I am concerned that I have corneal neuralgia that might get centralized if I don't start treatment. My doctor believes it is extremely unlikely as I have the pain only on my right eye, the intensity has decreased over time and that I have been experiencing longer and longer periods of no pain. He believes this is part of the healing process as the nerves regenerate over the damaged tissue (due to CTK). 
As a side note, the pain is also preventing me from trying an RGP lens which is supposed to fix the vision related issues. 
I just wanted to see if anyone else experienced this kind of pain (DLK related or not)? I feel like it is time to see a specialist (neuro-ophthalmologist?) even though my LASIK doctor disagrees. I have read about treating corneal neuralgia using autologous serum tears (AST) so I'm hoping there is a way to end this pain as I don't want to stuck with it for the rest of my life. 
Thank you in advance for any suggestions. 
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Just wanted to give an update here in case anyone else is experiencing similar issues. I visited a doctor in Boston who confirmed corneal neuralgia using confocal microscopy. He put me on steroid eye drops and autologous serum which are supposed to treat the issue. 

Apparently, the most important thing about corneal neuralgia is to start treatment early enough so that it can be stopped before the pain becomes centralized (ie move to the brain). Otherwise it becomes very difficult / impossible to treat. I am currently 4 months post lasik and sounds like that's early enough. But it took me more than a month to convince my lasik surgeon that I needed to see a specialist. 

So time is of the essence. Feel free to message me privately if you have any questions. 

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