Possibility of creating a VSRN in the UK???

Hello UK members of VSRN (apologies if this sounds a bit non pc to the other countries!),

After reading lots of the comments in the various posts, I just wanted to ask all the UK residents and in particular those living in London whether anybody would be interested in starting a regional support network group ? I suffer from post lasek complications that make daily life very difficult.
Once I started searching on the internet, I found that the States are way ahead in providing invaluable advice, support and information through regional groups and through this great website.
Personally, I think it would be so helpful to have a network of people in the UK who can immediately relate to what we are going through. Many people have empathy for a person with a broken arm or someone with flu but post laser complications can be a very difficult thing to explain to those who haven't been through it. As much as my family and friends have shouldered me through the tough times and continue to do so, to know that there is a group of people in the same country who know exactly what to say and know exactly what I am feeling, would be wonderfully comforting. Let's be honest, when it does go wrong, it's an incredibly lonely and terrifying experience!
Anybody interested? And it doesn't always have to be about depressing stories, we can also talk about what does work, possible solutions, and how to move forward with this debilitating condition.
It would be great to get to a stage where our eyes are no longer our first and last thoughts of the day!

Hope to hear from you soon - even if it's just one person out there!
Take care,
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I wish for the same thing in Canada - Toronto area. I have had problems from PRK for many years and feel that I don't have anyone to talk to. Although we cannot meet personally too often (although I do get to London every few years), might be good to chat off-line. I know how lonely it is and frightening.

VSRN is a global nonprofit organization that facilitates rehab options for those with complications after refractive surgery (RS).

Providing assistance to patients who desire rehab for their vision and psyche, VSRN narrows its scope to finding experienced, dedicated providers of those rehab options (primarily with expert prosthetic contact lenses) for our patients.

It has taken 20 years to reach where VSRN is today, and that happened only because we have medical advisors and a network of compassionate experts who are willing to help us. If you believe you can accomplish this within the UK, by all means go for it, because patients need all the help they can get.

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