We always worry about rising eye pressures but ...

(1) Who is taking the readings? Is it the same person each time?

(2) What device are they using? Is it the same type of tonometer this time as last?

(3) I never rely on one reading. We look for a pattern of persistently elevated pressures, i.e., serial readings.

(4) What's "normal" varies, particularly on post-LASIK eyes where the corneas are thinner which give falsely lowered readings.

(5) We can't rely on eye pressure to diagnose glaucoma. A patient whose pressure is 14 may have glaucoma but a patient whose pressure is 26 may not. Your practitioner should consider baseline threshold visual fields and OCT disk measurements (for nerve fiber thickness and disk topography).

oct scan 

1. that wont fix anything ( i know the feeling to be almost hopless and searching for some kind of fix) almost 4 years and i am still in pain and dizzy 24/7

2 focus on trying to do somthing if you have problems rgp lens fitting

i m still having a lot of problems my night vision is now total trash seeing the moon double .. problems focusing and my eyes are super dry now.. still trying to get enough money to try scleral lenses fitting.

How old are you?

You were being fitted with RGP lenses. What happened?

The IC-8 is an intra-ocular lens. If your doctor cannot provide you with an accurate diagnosis as to why you don't see well following refractive surgery, how can your doctor know if the IC-8 will solve your problem?

i will be trying to get fitted in january i think i will i will go to laserfit lenses in texas . i dont know only pinhole is giving me a good vision i v been told that my vision is 130% but still i am not seeing clearly i just wanted to ask because that s an invasive procedure nowdays everybody s trying to scam u in to somthing and i am 26 year old 

Pinhole vision (with the pinhole held in front of your eyes is not the same as the pinhole IOL (IC-8). The IC-8 will compromise the overall amount of light being focussed in the back of your eye and I know of no way to determine if such an IOL would benefit you. Assuming that your problem is corneal in nature, then it would be better to address the problem at the level of the cornea, i.e., with RGP contact lenses.

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