hello i have problems after lasik surgery pain almost every day floaters in one eye lost color sensetivity camera sensation when i close 1 eye open the other after 2 3 sec it s blurry i dont see well at all i am 20/25 in both eyes but noting seems crisp clear like with glasses i have topgrafy but i cant post them right now i will post monday or tusday

pre op left eye -2.00
right eye -1.75
minor astigmatism

i v been lied for the recovery of my eyes the flap dosent heal at all and it s displased by minor injury it s shame that sombody done that to me when there are other choises and other kinds of laser correction like prk or lasek

i want to ask if the flap is amputated does it recover like prk no problems with minor injuries i have desided that it s better to have not perfect vision than to be at risk every day at my job

i done lasik just to be out of glasses i wanted to train fitness boxing swiming ...... nobody cares about me they just get the money and ruin my life

and now when i go for checkups they say floaters are not from the operation u are great u see u read the chart u are great just take that eye drops and go home nobody s trying to do somthing about my problems i explane them that i see but not good everything is like blurred they say it s in my mind i need to go to psychiatrist i am not crazy i am perfectly fine ......

ps: sorry about my grammar english is not my 1 language

ty for your answers
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Floaters are a known complication of LASIK, secondary to the microkeratome procedure.

Your pre-operative prescription was low, meaning that some of the visual issues associated with LASIK would be lower. Consequently, I would be very interested in seeing your topography findings.

Regarding amputating the flap. That would only be indicated if it can be determined that doing so would actually solve your problem. Again, topography would be most helpful. With such a small pre-op prescription the big question is WHY you are not seeing 20/20 in each eye. It is your surgeon's obligation to make the assessment. Unfortunately, LASIK purveyors shun such assessments. You may need to get some second opinions before we can sort this out.
Vitrectomy could solve the floater problems but it usually leads to premature cataract development. Consequently, elective vitrectomy for floaters is rarely performed. Vitrectomy is reserved for more serious retinal problems and hemorrhages.

LASIK floaters are actually posterior vitreous detachments which, while annoying, are usually stable. Posterior vitreous detachments normally occur in your fifth or sixth decide, so the onset of symptomatic floaters at your age and shortly after LASIK cannot be sloughed off as naturally occurring.
vitrectomy without inducing posterior vitreous detachment or removing the anterior vitreous
will be good option if i find somone willing to do it it reduces the forming of cataracts in younger patients is there other side effects to vitrectomy ?

and i am detrmined to remove the flap can u wear contact lenses and be safe with that procedure no problems with injury to the eyes no problems to regard with boxing ...
now i have corneal thickness of 512 to right eye 520 to left my flap is with tickness of 135 micron the epitelium regenerates around 50 microns so i will do ptk to smooth after amputation if sombody is willing to do it and i will be left with arround 350-360 stromal tickness in both eyes and when the epitelium regenerates i will have arround 400-410 no prk enh i dont want to tuch anymore my eyes ...
in advance for your anwsers
ty but i need some anwser from Dr. DavOD Hartzok
if he s arround i am grateful to all of you that are trying to help me i just need to end that nightmare situation that i put myself in and i am ready to risk it all i have 1 life and i will live it in peace will study to become a great OD
that tryes to help everybody there is so much new technology that can save the sight of everyone it s a shame that it s not practised everywhere refractive surgeons are nothing but liers and desevers that are ready to take your money ruin your life your dreams like in my situation nobody told me before doing it to me what s complications limits or somthing
i receved only u will be great u will like it
u will have no problems without glasess ...
Your situation, as you have presented it, seems tied to the vitreous floater issue. Amputating the flap will not alter the visual frustration of the vitreous floaters. Two things here: (1) Have you been refracted and (2) do you have some color topographies that you could share? It would be a mistake to remove a decent flap if it would fail to solve anything.
new docs new opinions now i am on vitrogen ampoules he sayed i have some kind of focal infection that s causing the floaters to be so apparent we will try that medicin for 1 mounth to try to make them a little bit more trancparent my new refraction now is
-0.25 for right in that eye i see now 1.0 line
+0.50 for right/55 degrees
i see a little difference from the last one but i have a little astigmatism that s bugging me a lot on my new topografy i see some changes from the old one i cant find the old one so i made a new one + wavefront topo
od- astigmatism 1.35d
can that be corrected with glasses i saw some hope when he put +0.50 and 55 degrees on 1 eye
but still the good one lacks of clarity could astigmatism 0.48 make that huge diference to when i was in glasses
now i will try to post my new topografy and new other things that i have i lost all of my old ones
problems are getting worse when it s going dark i get dizzy like i am seasick
i wach only at 1 spot and try not to moove my head or wach the floor
when it gets compleatly dark i feel better i saw 4-5 times shiny spots that changed colors and now i have little floaters in the other eye
i see better with no light strange to explain but i see better in complete darkness than in sundown pain continues on some days i wake up with head pain and i feel my head heavy
Yes. By all means, post the topographies.

Have the floaters been evaluated by a vitreo-retinal specialist? There are instances when a floater is so bad, so bothersome, so close to fixation that you never can adapt. But removing floaters via a vitrectomy usually results in an operable cataract within a year.
all of my documents

the floaters got checked too they are little but close to the retina so i can t do viterolysis
when i asked for vitrectomy the doc sayed that he will not do it to me for floaters
interesting that the doc asked me did i do the laser for +2 or -2 i anwsered that i done it for myopia -2 he was amazed from the description of my problems with that small diopter
i asked for the overcorection of +0.50 on my left eye and he answered that he does that too to his patients he overcorects 1 eye on purpose ......

there is a scaning error in picture 2 and 3 the lines in the center of my eyes are not there it s smooth sorry bad scaner ....
-0.25 in one eye +0.50 in other
i can see the 1.0 line without correction with one first letter of 1.0 with the other but with squinting my eye defocuses like a camera i have to blink and try harder to see it +0.50 helps a bit but dont clear it perfectly

everything seems so bright like blinding me .. i wear eye shades when i go outside
i asked for the overcorection of +0.50 on my left eye and he answered that he does that too to his patients he overcorects 1 eye on purpose ......

Why does he overcorrect one eye on purpose? That makes no sense. What he has given you is a refractive imbalance of 0.75 diopters (-0.25 in one eye with +0.50 in the other). In spite of the floaters creating some visual issues, your two eyes are now unable to work together. Your visual system is attempting to use both eyes but cannot bring them to focus together. You should begin wearing glasses on a regular basis to correct the 0.75 diopter imbalance.
ok thanks for help i will try to do it do you think that some regular kind of rgp s can do the work? with what u see in the topografy
and i have never weared lenses

if i cant try regular rgp s can i get info for lenses fitter in europe arround the balkans
or arround bulgaria
i dont know ... no good explenation for that
it seemed strange to me but he gave no good explanation he only sayed regresion and nothing else he avoided other questions about it

ok can i get info for rgp fitter in europe
i will still try with glasses but i feel that rgps will give me better results

ty for ur help i appreciate it
The biggest problem we (VSRN) have is to find RGP fitters who know how to fit post-LASIK, PRK, ReLex, etc. patients. RGP fitting on surgical patients requires insight and special skills well beyond most fitters' capabilities. The few lectures I have been exposed to about post-LASIK RGP fitting were... WRONG. So, if schools and lecturers aren't able to teach how to fit patients, it is up to a few doctors to figure this out for themselves. It is most unfortunate that patients with post-refractive surgery complications are often ignored. Surgeons don't like to draw attention to complications.

Was Barbara in touch with you?
not yet i hope there is someone arround europe
cause traveling to other countinents is expensive but if i need to will try to travel far away

i am desperate to get back to my old life without pain every day so i will do everything to Achieve it no matter the cost
the pain continues i get dizzy .. my eyes are trying to fixate they are like camera going in and out of focus 1 day 1 left side of the head is more painfull the other right
my pupils are diferent in size the eye with the bigger pupill and that side of the head does not
cause me pain my eyes are relaxed and not red not dry i have 1 insteresting finding in mid to close my eyes i see with bouth eyes like my hand is double when i relax when i squint the picture becomes 1 when i wake up often my eyes
like my eyes are trying to uniform the picture in bouth in 1 it takes arround 15-20 minutes to see normal when i wake up my eyes are little dry it takes arround 1 hour to feel them normal

ps:sorry it s hard to explain cause english is not my first language
tryed glasses +0.50 for both eyes they dont work
now i will try +0.50 only for left eye

i have refraction done yesterday that s from machine

without dilated pupils

-0.25 -0.25 179
+0.00 -0.25 1
+0.00 -0.25 3
+0.00 -0.25 1

+1.00 -0.25 153
+0.75 -0.25 150
+1.00 -0.25 147
+1.00 -0.25 150

i think they done a lazy job they dilated my pupils 3 times and send me to a machine to do readings again and that are the results
+0.50 -0.00 0
+0.50 -0.00 0
+0.50 -0.00 0
+0.50 -0.00 0

+1.25 -0.25 151
+1.25 -0.25 150
+1.25 -0.25 149
+1.25 -0.25 150

now arround 18 hours after the my pupils are still dialated and i dont have a headache
for the first time of 2 years
what s the cause for that when my pupils return to normal the headache will return

do you think that my eye is going realy bad because i worry that my eye is more and more hypertrophyc after refractive surgery i had arround +0.5 but now is going up

i had some suggestions by the doc for trying to fix the problem for now

1 contact the provider that done lasik and ask for enchansment/ my answer was that i will not go again eaven if sombody puts a gun to my head the results may be unpredictable i had no luck first time why try second

2 glasses +0.50 to +0.75 for left only and plano for right to try for now

3 soft contact lens only for left +0.50 to +0.75

4 Rgp or scleral fitted by proffesional which we dont have i bulgaria i think i will visit dr. Ken Maller in the future

now my question why i dont have a headache when my pupils are dilated what s the cause ?

Dilation relieved your headaches because your visual system was mildly cyclopleged during dilation. (You were unable to focus; the focussing muscles were temporarily incapacitated.) Without the ability to focus, your eyestrain was relieved.

You have a 0.75 diopter imbalance while dilated but that doesn't really matter. What matters is the 1.00 imbalance you have when NOT dilated. That's significant and could be the cause of your headaches.

Why do they use an automated refractor? Because it's easy. Why don't they do a standard subjective refraction? Subjective refraction allows the examiner to determine what correction is most acceptable to your visual system and, if done correctly, can determine just how much the visual system can be RELAXED with lenses. From seventeen years of posting on this board I can tell you that the staff at LASIK centers is not always accurate when performing subjective refractions. LASIK is a refractive surgery procedure. If any place should have EXPERTISE in performing subjective refractions it should be the LASIK center staff, but that is not always the case. I see new patients in my office frequently whose only problem is that their previous practitioners couldn't refract.

You are averaging a 1.00 refractive imbalance. In lieu of your center performing an actual SUBJECTIVE refraction, you need to try Plano in the right eye and +1.00 in the left eye.

Forget the contact lenses; you need the clearest and most balanced correction your can get to relieve the eyestrain. Soft lenses may not provide that.
glasses didnt help my vision is getting worse
last visit to doctor after 1 hour exams i was diagnosed with irregular astigmatism + abberations i guess i have to try scleral lenses
they proposed another operation (enhansment) i rejected only thing that s relaxing my vision is pinhole 0 periferal vison and when i relax my eyes everything becomes blurry and i see double

did someone had success with prose scleral lenses in Chennai India i think i will give them a try in april or may next year
Originally posted by Dr. DavOD Hartzok:
What glasses did you get? (the Rx?)

+0.75 and plano
seems that my eyes cant relax with everything that he tryed (frame and lenses) only with pinhole my vision is relaxed and normal when i lack peripheral vision

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