Effectively immediately, VSRN has changed it's subscription rate to $24 per year for full access. The trial subscriber option has been eliminated, and there is no longer a two-day trial period available.

For those who have recently subscribed, please read the following:

If you subscribed as a trial subscriber within the past 30 days, VSRN will extend your subscription to one year.

If you have subscribed as a basic subscriber within the past 90 days, VSRN will extend your subscription one extra year.

Because this all must be done manually, you must let us know if you wish for us to extend your subscription! There are some limitations to the Thrive platform, and you will notice that there are two "subscriber" options that are identical. Deleting a category deletes all existing subscribers in that group. Eventually this will all even out, but in the meantime, if you have problems with renewal, please email

VSRN regrets any inconvenience caused by these changes, and we thank you for your patience and support as we grow.
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