Does anyone know what this film is that accummulates on the contact lenses? It seems to be worse in the morning and late evening. It is easily rinsed off by removing the lenses but sometimes requires 5 or 6 removal and rinsing episodes throughout the morning.

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I get the same thing occaisonally with my RGPs. When it isn't rinsable/cleanable the first try, I put the lenses though an ultrasound cleaning in plain saline after using my daily cleaner. I use the Lobob Optimum cleaning products, including their "Extra Strength" cleaner, which I am told has no abrasives. I get the Lobob products from my OD or off the web as nobody seems to stock it here in Michigan.

After overnight soaking, I rinse & rub the lenses with saline, then wet with rewetting solution, then put a drop of thick rewetting drops on the lens before inserting.

Also, when I get that film frequently, I suspect my allergies are acting up and start taking antihistamine more regularly for a few days. Sometimes I also use an eye moisturizing ointment overnight.

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There could be a few things going on here. It may be lipid buildup, you could try an alcohol based cleaner or an enzyme cleaner like Supraclens. Lipid can give the impression of a film, appear to go away, and then come back after you put them in.

It may also be protein, and this too can be helped with Supraclens.

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No, I am not using any steriods or any medications in my eyes.

You mentioned crystals on the lens. I do notice when I hold the contact up to the light after removing it that the milky film appears to have tiny substances looking like sand.

I do enzyme them once a week.

Someone, I think Dr. Mason, had mentioned in another post to try polishing the lens with a tissue. I was afraid to try this thinking I might scratch the lens, making them unwearable. Should I give it a try?
This is what i do. I clean my rgp lenses with Boston advanced cleaner then rinse them with saline solution. I soak them in Boston conditioning solution overnight. Before insertion in the morning, i coat the lenses with Boston conditioning solution, apply 4 drops of Refresh Celluvisc Lubricant Eye Drops Single Use (single use is preservative free) in each lens. Make sure there's no bubbles (tap bubbles with finger tip), then fill with saline solution, should be overflowing. Never did i have cloudy vision again. My eye doctor said i was doing okay but you need to consult your eye doctor too. I apply artificial tears again after removing the lenses and before i sleep at night.
I cannot help but wonder why on earth you are responding to a 12-year-old post on a site for people with refractive surgery complications. Did you have surgery, or are you simply an RGP wearer?

With the wide variety of contact lens materials in use today, not everyone who wears RGP lenses can use the same products on their lenses. Please keep in mind that what may work for you may cause a problem for someone else.

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