Looking for info on Thygeson's superficial punctate keratitis

Has anyone out there been diagnosed with this? It is supposedly a viral form of SPK. I am interested in how it was diagnosed, how you treated it and how long it took to go away.

Patti Brankov
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My husband has Thygeson's superficial punctate keratitis for more than 15 years. At first he used steroids to manage the pain. He stopped because of the danger of steroids. He needs to be in dust free environment,  use fitover dark glasses outside, sleep early, avoid air conditioners and fans. And he still gets crazy flare ups with so much pain. This summer we tried washing his eyes with raw whole milk from a grass fed Jersey cow. We warm the milk for a few seconds to bring it a drop warmer than room temperature and he uses a small cotton pad (not cotton ball because cotton ball sheds and irritates the eye) to wash his eye with the slightly warm milk. We do not allow the milk to get hot as we do not want to **** any beneficial bacteria which is found in whole raw milk. The milk has cream and after 24 hours the cream rises to the top of the jar, so we shake it before use. Please check with your state as not all states allow sales of raw milk. We buy our milk from a state licensed facility. Before we tried raw milk, we tried regular pasteurized milk and it barely alleviated any pain.  The raw milk is amazing for him. I am posting this because, the raw milk has significantly brought down his flare ups. It is soothing his eyes and he has been better able to tolerate environments which previously would have caused major pain. I am hoping research scientists will hear about this and run tests to help everyone

I'm so sorry to hear about the problems your husband has been enduring. Unfortunately, this is not an area that VSRN covers, as we focus mainly on complications from refractive surgery. If you have not already googled it, you might try to find a patient forum for Thygesons where there may be more information. Sorry I cannot be more help to you.

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