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LASIK results unpredictable after multifocal implantation, study says
J Refract Surg. 2010;26(8):569-577.

LASIK following cataract surgery and implantation of either a monofocal or a multifocal lens is effective in improving visual outcome, although predictability of the final result may be problematic after multifocal implantation in patients with hyperopia.

In a retrospective analysis of 100 consecutive patients with residual refractive error, 50 patients were implanted with a monofocal IOL and 50 patients received a multifocal IOL after cataract surgery; LASIK was then performed in both groups. Uncorrected distance visual acuity improved from 0.40 logMAR at baseline to 0.15 logMAR 6 months after LASIK in the multifocal group, and from 0.49 logMAR to 0.14 logMAR in the monofocal group (P <.01).

Change in cylinder (–0.98 D to –0.30 D multifocal; –1.43 D to –0.52 D monofocal), defocus equivalent (1.59 D to 0.68 D multifocal; 1.96 D to 0.57 D monofocal) and corrected distance visual acuity (0.08 logMAR to 0.05 logMAR multifocal; 0.15 logMAR to 0.12 logMAR monofocal) were all statistically significant 6 months after LASIK treatment.

A greater percentage of patients in the monofocal group had a spherical equivalent within ±0.50 D compared with patients in the multifocal group (84% vs. 70%), although the difference only bordered statistical significance.

However, "a worse predictability was found for those eyes implanted with a multifocal IOL that underwent a hyperopic LASIK refinement, with 62.5% of eyes with a [spherical equivalent] within ±0.50 D (multifocal myopia 83.33% vs. monofocal hyperopia 85.71% vs. monofocal myopia 82.76%)," the study authors wrote.
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why don't they come up with some better technology to solve this problem , because more and more people who had cataract are getting cataract sooner or later. It is a one street it seems , they have this wonderful thing like Lasik but they don't have a resolution to this. It is really sad.

"Why don't they come up with some better technology to solve the problem..."

Technology CREATED the problem. Every complication of refractive surgery - from RK through PRK to LASIK - was predictable BEFORE the technologies ever took root. The technology was not developed as a gift to mankind; it was created for profit. It's elective. It's plastic surgery that steals tissue from an otherwise perfectly healthy cornea to fix a refractive error (mainly nearsightedness and farsightedness) that is due to a NATURALLY OCCURRING incorrect axial length of the eye.

You state "they have this wonderful thing like LASIK..." - Mo, if LASIK was wonderful, VSRN would not need to exist. It's not all wonderful. It's like saying,"Pie is wonderful. Why don't they solve the problem of it being fattening?" It's the nature of pie to be fattening. We ALL understand that too much pie will drive us to Jenny Craig's website. The nice thing over there is, no one asks why the ravages of pie are not easily fixed.

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