Las Vegas

This the perfect town for lasik..... eveything here is a gamble.

Please anyone in Vegas that has been harmed or experienceing problems... email me or post here.

There are 3 assembly line clinics here and
there has to be plenty. I have met 6 myself.

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Hello, I signed up for this site just to read your post. Strange that a site for LASIK Survivors, who by definition have no money, requires money to read the forums.

Anyway, that's neither here nor there. I live in Las Vegas, and had LASIK here. I've only met one other person here ... in some ways, she has it worse than me, and in other ways, better.

I notice you posted this.. six years ago.. so you probably won't even read this. Still, if you're still around, I'd like to meet too...

Good day Artist woman.

I have read your story.  I hope that you are doing well.  Unfortunately,  we have found ourselves in the worst dilema of our lives.  My  husband elected to have Lasik interlace a month and a week ago we were very uninformed. And made a rash decision based on the fact that he had a perfectly good eyes and he just needed to correct a little bit of farsightedness. The surgeon recommended monovision.

A month and a half later Everything is a blur to him and he is seeing halos at night.  Anytime he looks towards light during the night he says he loses more visibility.  Immediately after surgery he was diagnosed with DLK, and a week after that we were told he had epithelial cell growth. For which he had the flap lifted Ford and the cells removed. The doctors keep brushing him off as telling him that his eyes will settle and that everything is fine. I am terrified that we have made a decision that has damaged his vision.  Since he cannot read his phone or a computer screens he has not been able to do any research on his own currently he is left to follow the doctor’s orders and wait. Meanwhile I have been able to go online to find out the truth about all of the Lasik procedures out there.   

 We are business owners he’s a very high achieving individual and an athlete.  I need to figure out a solution out of this situation for him I fear what this will do to his soul and mental state.  Anything you can recommend would highly help I cannot have him contact you because he is too sensitive to the issue right now.   I am searching high and low for anything to hold onto. Anything you can do I would greatly appreciate. Thank you for your time !

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