Hi - ran a search for the iVIS iRES topography guided system and didn't come up with any results.

Please note I am in no way at all pushing for more surgery / lasers / retreatments / etc.

But other than other large laser companies blocking superior technology, is their any reason why the technology has not been approved here in the U.S.?

I have been without hope for so long and to be honest, I stopped searching online forums and boards years ago due to despair, but I was hoping someone could explain to me why the this system is better than the current U.S. lasers.

My corneal specialist clearly told me that all existing US technology is strictly for virgin pupils and the algorithms and technology are not for post RS eyes.

If anyone could explain to me the difference between what traditional lasers and technology here in the US does and what the difference between that technology and what is being done in Norway by Dr. Aleksandar Stojanovic, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, in addition, if you could answer why the technology is not coming to the US, it would be vastly appreciated.

My corneal doctor tried explaining it to me but I just could not understand, it was very technical. But if I was able to read the answer I might be able to better understand.

Thanks in advance from Anthony - the needy post lasik patient...
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