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Hello! My name is Jessie. I am 23.

From the childhood I had excellent eyesight, on all checks, the result was 10 lines (I naive did not understand then how can it be lower? Probably only for old people).

I grew up and the world developed. The era of mass distribution of computers has come. So I started asking my parents to buy me one. At the age of 14, I received my first PC. Like other children, I could not tear myself away from it for a long time (sometimes I sat for 9 hours a day without stopping), but only in the first six months. I noticed a couple of years later at the chemistry lesson (I was sitting on the last desk) that my teacher shows me the formula and the solution on the blackboard and I can not read it (I've seen everything well before!) I was scared! But I reassured myself that it was temporary.

After some time we went to a medical examination with my classmates. The ophthalmologist said that I have problems since I saw only 0.7 (+ - 0.05). Then I was frightened! However, the diagnosis was wrong! I had not just bad eyesight, but developing nearsightedness and dry eye syndrome. As a child, I could not figure it all out myself.

Over time, when I was already graduating from university, my business became worse. My eyes ached terribly and "cut", I wanted to pull them out sometimes. I again went to another ophthalmologist who diagnosed my diagnoses in the above. First he prescribed Visine and protective computer glasses (Gunnar optikus), then the drops changed their character. Then he beat Kvinaks, Oftagel, but all of them do not bear the proper effect. My hands are falling .... I'm disappointed. Now still at work for a very long time I use pc and my eyes suffer greatly.

I noticed that with good rest and sleep, the eyes are rehabilitated in the morning and I even see well, they do not hurt. But throughout the day, even if I do not use monitors, they still get tired. They are enough for 2-3 hours, and then all the syndromes will return ... It's very sad for me ... I hope you help me with your advice ... Thank you!

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