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I had lasik in both eyes November 2016. The left eye was lagging so I had an enhancement may 2017, which was successfull. After the enhncement I realized my right eye was slightly blurry. They said my prescription was -.25 and .5. So I had an enhancement on my right eye last Friday. The laser was set to -.4 Since opening my eyes Friday night I have extreme headaches to the point I cannot function. And get nauseous/dizzy. I went in to the lasik center twice now and have basically been told my eyes look fine and I am seeing 20/20 and the headache has nothing to do with it. I have no history of headaches, not on any medications and am a healthy 29 year old. My headache is constant in the middle of my forehead and the front between the eyebrows. It comes and goes but gets so extremely severe I am in writhing pain and nauseous. I realize it's early but I have 2 young children and need to care for them. Please help
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There seems to be two factors here. One is your problem with depth perception. But that problem would not prevent you from sleeping all night and feeling worse today. You have to start with the physical pain problem - the "writhing pain and nausea" that you describe.

Refractive over-corrections and or imbalances can wait. You should not be in such pain.

Do you have another eye doctor that you feel comfortable going to see?

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