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I recently found this discussion board and am desperately hoping that someone can offer advice. My symptoms seem to closely resemble two previous discussions - from Sarah 12 and joshabner 5 but I know that it says to start a new topic and neither of those seemed to reach a definitive conclusion. Please tell me if this is not the right place to post. I have also posted it in the open forum so you can delete one if you need.. sorry and thank you in advance!

My Story:

On September 11th 2017 I went in for PRK surgery since then my life has been nearly unliveable and no one can give me answers. I have EXTREME NAUSEA, day and night, dusk to dawn no relief what so ever, frequent headaches, and eye pain

Before surgery I was -425 in my left eye and -525 in my right eye. I was OVERCORRECTED to +125 in the left and +175 in the right. Similar to Josh I have seen several specialists (surgeons, opthamologists) who have been unable to diagnose me. My surgeon refuses to accept that my problems are related to the surgery despite the fact I NEVER ONCE had any of these issues before.

It is important to not that if I DONT WEAR READING GLASSES I cant get out of bed I feel so sick my body refuses to let me move. In contrast WEARING READING GLASSES HAS HELPED. I have tried +100, 125, and 200 all with different degrees of improvement. One would then think it is definitely the overcorrection causing the problems but I cant get rid of the nausea! I have no vision problems whatsoever - as my surgeon loves saying - Im 20/20 so whats the issue right? Id rather blurriness than this.. its the worst thing I have ever experienced in my life.

I started using +200s after consulting with a specialist here in Sydney Australia who quickly determined that the overcorrection could very well be the cause. He believes the my muscles are overstimulated and arent used to being far-sighted. Again, reading glasses help. I'd say the 200s help as much as 60% but I cant handle this nausea. Please help - I cant read (without the glasses but not great with), I cant work, I cant do anything.

Do you agree that it is likely from the overcorrection? I have scheduled a tentative enhancement surgery in Vancouver - my hometown but would like to know for sure that this is causing the problems before going in. Is 60% good enough to know that it is the overcorrection ? Do I have to wait longer for the 200s to work? Its been a week. Is there any chance I have binocular vision problems similar to Josh - can this happen after PRK?

Im sorry for the rambling message... please please any suggestions.

Thank you,

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Artistwoman posted:
Just a note: his name is Dr. Hartzok, not Hertzog.

Yes - my apologies to Dr. Hartzok! I seem to rotate between spellings for some reason - not sure where the g in particular is coming from... can i blame it on my poor vision? Still working on my post-prk issues and looking over these posts again...

I have learned a lot since my initial posting - I was initially under-corrected at -1 in both eyes and am now sitting at +125, 200 - it kept rapidly progressing as the months went on - I'm now 9 months post op - still with extreme nausea, and to a lesser extent headaches and eye pain. My surgeon has never seen this before and none of his colleagues have either... 

We have no idea how I ended up being so over-corrected to this degree (I now know I was initially under-corrected adding to the confusion) or if that's causing the problem - readers help with all of my symptoms but not a ton. Im still bedridden without readers but like I said not all that improved with. I'm not working or anything.

My surgeon thinks that my over-correction and problems (nausea specifically) are associated with venlafaxine 150mg which I'm now tapering off of. According to my research it can lead to accommodation disorders but who knows. I've tapered 1/4 and there's no change - likely too soon to tell but I'm not all that hopeful  given I've been on it for 3 years with no issues.

My ophthalmologist thinks its ciliary muscle spasms caused by the over-correction but I wasn't initially over-corrected and readers presumably would help more if that were the issue. Nothing adds up..

My vision is now so poor that I may need to do an enhancement anyway but I have no idea if it will help my actual symptoms at all. Its very difficult knowing who to follow and getting into specialists etc while the symptoms persist.

Perhaps I should pursue this binocular vision possibility - Dr. Hartzok's recommendation - however moving back from Australia to Vancouver has taken time and I haven't been able to pursue that lead as of yet.. my surgeon wants to do an enhancement next week... I mean an over-correction of 200 means I would have to do one to have good vision but will it help at all.. will it make it worse... who does a second surgery after the first one like this - although oddly it went quite well in the sense that I didn't have halos, dry eye, double vision or other more common issues.. and my issue was 20/20 at least initially.. 

Perhaps I'll send another private message to Dr. Hartzok after speaking to my surgeon.. I feel like im running in circles and everyone has a different take. thanks for any help to anyone that sees this..





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