Ha my lasik 2 months ago. My power was around -5 SPH in left eye +1.25 CYL & - 4.50 SPH i  right  eye +1.50 CYL. Since the 1st day itself i developed severe dryness due to which my vision kept fluctuating. It did get better after a month and a half in terms of sharpness but indoors under lights I can't really see that well especially with halos and glares. But my concern is not that as my vision is good enough to not annoy me. My concern is dryness. I have burning sensations, watering of eyes due to burning especially under air conditioning & windy places be it a restaurant with fans even. I get headaches at the end of the day. My right eye muscles specifically hurt. I wonder if its a result of dryness. I have been using Opsion HA eye lubricating eye drops 6 to 7 timea a day. Restasis twice a day. A gel that i use in the night. I drink a lot of water as well. 

Lasik has put me into depression and I'm unable to focus at work worried using pc will strain my eyes more and my power might return. Dryness doesnt allow me to go anywhere as burning sensations and watering of eyes is embarrassing and stressful. Fatigue and headaches add to everyhing. Glares and halos are not that much of a concern but they do affect my vision at night. My vision has improved a lot so thats the only positive thing so far.

I didnt even want to do lasik my mom kind of pushed me into doing it as she didnt want me to wear contacts everyday that I have been wearing everyday since almost a decade. I'm 22 by the way. I had dryness while wearing lenses thats pretty much how my eyes feel now except i cant remove anything from my eyes to feel better. My eyes used to water while watching movies for hours on my phone but not burn im assuming i did have a little bit of dryness before lasik but that never ever bothered me. This is too much. 

Will this ever improve? Although due to my schedule i dont get much time to do anything else lile warm compresses and stuff but any other suggestions are welcome. 1 more question, another doctor that i had been to for treating dryness suggested anti fatigue +1 glasses while  working on pc so my power doesnt return. Is that a good idea to wear +1 glasses instead of simple anti reflective coated glasses for protection? And i have heard of punctal plugs - should i get those done now or wait for a few more months? How should i know if i have any allergies or blepharitis in cass i want to get the plugs?


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The sensation of dryness pos-LASIK is not always that your eyes are dry but that they simply feel dry. LASIK burns the ends of the corneal nerves and they do not immediately regenerate. Restasis is slow to work. Have you tried any other steroid eye drops? +1 glasses may relieve some eye strain. Anti-reflective lenses are a waste of time. LASIK doesn't create allergies or sudden onset blepharitis. Have your eye doctor prescribe some low dose steroids drops and see if this will relieve your symptoms.

Yes he did but they didnt really help. Infact he had to change from 1 drops to another as my eyes used burn after putting eye drops. The ones that some other doctor suggested and what i still use are somewhat better. I'm a little confused as my friends who did lasik at the same time i did by the same doctor didnt feel any of these burning sensations or severe dryness. 

Do you suggest the plugs? I'm thinking of speaking to my doctor about that. What are the other drops that I can use along with restasis as it seems to somewhat help. And i had +1.50 cylindrical number so +1 glasses wouldnt get that back right? Also, what long lasting drops can i use that would help under aircon and windy places? And is the muscle pain due to dryness?

Sorry for so many questions but im anxious. Thanks a lot!

Dry eye after LASIK is common and unpredictable. If your doctor has suggested plugs then try them. If steroid drops didn't help, then use the ones you have that help more often. +1 glasses after LASIK has nothing to do with having +150 cylinder pre-LASIK.

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