Corneal Ulcers

Hi, everybody, I'm from eastern europe, so I'm sorry for my English which is not my first language
I have a problem with my lasik wavefront
I will have a few questions
After the lasik I got very large corneal ulcers
The doctor gave me the recipe:
Metypred 8mg / day
for 2 weeks
Dexafree / 6 times a day
for 2 months
eyes are still aching and are red
I went to another doctor: he said : that it was necessary to do it eye swab because maybe it was a virus: HSV amoeba virus e.t.c and after this dose of steroids nothing will be found My questions : 1. whether steroids are safe for the eyes 2 How long can you take steroids 3 whether the first doctor mistook to give me steroids 4 is it true that the amoeba virus can enter the brain 5 someone had a lasik like that now there are small scars but eyes are still aching and are red the worst is at night when closed eyes :(
and I am very scared when I read about viruses:(

Ps: I hope you will understand my not perfect English
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Your English is fine.

1.  Steroids reduce inflammation; they do not treat viruses or amoeboid infections. It is essential that the underlying condition be accurately diagnosed and treated with the appropriate drug. Steroids are safe for the eyes, in fact they modulate the body's immune system and help prevent scarring of the cornea. 

2.  Steroids are taken as long as necessary during the course of treatment but are always tapered in dose, never stopped suddenly. The dosage depends on the condition that is being treated and the intensity of the inflammation.

3.  Your doctor was correct in using steroids and it was good that they swab the infection to accurately diagnose your condition.

4.  I have not heard if an amoebic infection of the eye can migrate to the brain.

5.  I have not encountered a patient with an amoebic eye infection following LASIK. Regarding HSV ... prior to LASIK did you ever have HSV in the eye?

Thank God for your answer. Thank you very much for your answer, Doctor

You calmed me down and I will not read about viruses anymore :)

5. LASIK. I have not encountered a patient with an amoebic eye infection. Regarding HSV ... prior to LASIK did you ever have HSV in the eye?

Actually I do not know
because never before a Lasik
I was not an ophthalmologist and it was my big mistake :(

my eyes never ached, they were not red and I had no problem before the lasik

I was only at the optomerist once every 5 years for new glasses and never had contact lenses
he only did one test:
Autorefractor and gave glasses

I had my first eye test for lasik

The doctor did:

Slit Lamp Exam
The first time in my life
He said:
eye right: clean
eye left:
Small marginal ulcer corneal
of unknown origin
ICD-10: H16.0
but he said it will not be a problem for lasik

day after lasik:
pain as if someone's eye was tearing apart
Both scleral red as blood
both corneas are all white all around
only cental  transparent
then I went to the doctor lasik
and he gave me steroids

Scars were reduced by 50%
So the steroids work, but the eyes still hurt and are red but less

I have Dexafree all the time
I hope he will go completely

the doctor wrote:
peripheral corneal infiltrations
cause unknown

Ps:Thank you very much for your time for me Doctor and that you are struggling with my English


Sorry for the delay. There is no way to know what happened exactly but the fact that both eyes were involved equally and simultaneously and so soon after the procedure suggests that this is not a virus or bacterial condition. I would suspect this was a reaction to something toxic - maybe something contacting the eyes just prior to the LASIK procedure.

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