Thanks for the help Artistwoman !

I just, asked because im tired to try to resolve the problem away, i think i will try with standard RGP lens first and if it didnt work i will go to see Dr. Maller, i just would like to know if with this RGP which i will try can fix the problem.

I will ask the locally doctor tomorrow of what material it is and have more information than i post here.
Yes I think so too, my only fear is my case not be for RGP lenses, because no doctor in itself told me definitely what I have. The reason that bothers me most is the fact that my right eye being a little weird, I feel pain in it when using my computer and even outside at the gym today my left eye was normal but the right looks like I'm forcing him to stay in center, as if he were trying to get a little cross-eyed, as if his vision was only good through the center to the left, in my nose direction. Ever had any complaints like that? because I'm that feeling and I've seen a boy with the same feeling in a Brazilian forum. Could my vision of the right eye be with haze in the center to the right? How i know if im with haze ?

Sorry for a lot of questions but i would like to know really if im a cas for RGP lens.

Because i have HOAs too but my most problem is this problem even at day.
An expertly fitted RGP lens will reduce or eliminate the HOAs. You may also have a slight muscle imbalance that makes your eyes feel as though they are not quite working together. There are vision therapy exercises for that.

I've worked with thousands of patients whose complaints are the same or very similar to yours. The vast majority of them are helped by RGP lenses. There are, however, no guarantees in life. Just as there was no guarantee that your surgery would be successful, there is no guarantee that an RGP will solve all of your problems.

Discuss your questions with Dr. Maller. He's very good about returning mail and talking to patients. Explain to him about ALL of the problems you are having and as him questions. One thing I can guarantee is that Dr. Maller will be completely honest with you. If he doesn't think he can help you, he will tell you.

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