I was hoping somebody could give me advice.

I don’t see well with glasses, so I am forced to wear contact lenses. I have been trying Wave lenses for 2 ½ years now with a very skilled and wonderful doctor who has gone to great lengths to help me. At first the lenses were great. Then, a few months later, they started scumming over heavily so that it became difficult to see. I have had them refit more times than I can count and the problem has only become worse with time. No fit seems to make the problem better.

I have also tried countless different eye drops, mostly for allergies. I also got tested for allergies a year ago and did not have any.

I also tried scleral lenses for about 5 years before wearing Wave lenses, and had the same experience with a good first few months then the scumming started.

This problem has gotten so bad, I am no longer functioning well. It has taken its toll on my quality of life since I spend all my time looking through haze. I no longer go out much unless I have to and I am tired and lethargic most of the time from the eyestrain and the frustration of dealing with it.

Now the problem is seriously threatening to my ability to work. At this point, I don’t know what I am going to do.

If anybody has any new ideas, I would be grateful.
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Hi Tired,

Sorry to hear you're having so many problems with your lenses. Hope someone will be able to suggest something for you here. You didn't say whether you've had refractive surgery or not. This may have some impact on how your lenses perform. Hang in there.
It has been my experience with patients that when they've tried every alternative with contact lenses, and they cannot solve the problems, that there is an underlying ocular surface issue or systemic complication, such as Sjogren's, that needs to be resolved first. Quite often the condition exists before surgery, but is not far enough progressed to be bothersome. Surgery then exacerbates the issue and makes life miserable.

I would strongly suggest you see an ocular surface specialist. Dr. Steven Maskin in Tampa, Florida, has worked with many post-surgical and other patients with surface diseases that once diagnosed and treated are successfully managed. Once the corneal surface is healthy, a contact lens fit can be successful.
sorry it took so long for me to reply but i do have some advice for "scummed up" lenses- hot water! plain old hot water! rub the lenses under running hot water. then of course rinse them with some saline before placing them in the eye. i have found this to be very effective in cleaning my lenses.

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