Oh, where do I start.... I had mild myopia (-2.50) and slight astigmatism (-0.5) in both eyes and after being evaluated for Lasik I was deemed "excellent candidate". Prior to that wore contacts for 14 years with no major problems. Booked a surgery a week later. Did it. And regretted ever since. Ended up slightly under corrected in one eye, astigmatism on both eyes that keeps changing with every visit to the doctor. I am now almost 4 months post op. I developed eye floaters that drive me insane every day. Have double vision in my right eye which is noticeable in day light and very noticeable at night especially with bright objects. I am scared of retinal detachment, of ectasia, of keratoconus .... all these "rare" complications that were listed on my consent form but were never discussed with me in person. My co-managing optometrist is patiently working with me and tries to convince me that there is no reason to panic yet. He says Lasik does not cause floaters and that I am just seeing them more... He says I am still improving. Even though they promised me 2-3 month complete vision recovery. 

I am in constant battle with the clinic who did my surgery. I requested my patient records and when  I saw my pre-op evaluation and I was shocked. Doctor wrote that she discussed retinal detachment, loss of BCVA, loss of contrast sensitivity with me, etc, etc... But she never did!!! All she said was telling me that there should be no problems except for temporary dry eye. I was going to file a complaint with TX Optometry Board because she lied on her pre op report about educating me of all the possible risks. Also, on FDA website I read that patients should stop wearing contacts 2 weeks prior to surgery. They told me to stop wearing mine 3 days before surgery. And on their paperwork it actually only says to not wear contacts the day of surgery. I feel like I was led to believe the procedure was safe... Now when they got my money nobody cares... they just tell me it is normal and that I signed consent form therefore agreed to all of this. 

My question is - could me wearing contact lenses right before the surgery resulted in my vision problems? and if so - is that the doctors fault for not following 2 week FDA guidelines? Also, can I hold them accountable for clearly lying on the pre-op evaluation report? 

Can you recommend an ophthalmologist (MD), preferably in Dallas / San Antonio/Austin area who could evaluate for post lasik complications and confirm / deny if the permanent damage was indeed done? Unfortunately, I lost trust in my current doctors. 

I am on anti-anxiety meds now due to this whole situation and just want somebody to confirm that it is going to be ok . 

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Hi, NatalieC. I'm sorry you are having problems, an welcome to the "club." First of all, if you are reading all kinds of stuff on the Internet suggesting ectasia, keratoconus, etc., STOP. There is no reason to believe that any of those things applies to you. I do know several doctors in the San Antonio area. Let me check to see who is available for you to see right away. I'll send you a private message once I have someone for you. Hang in there.

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