501(c)(3) exemption has been approved!

The Vision Surgery Rehab Network, NFP, today received official notice of our 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, as determined by the IRS on June 16, effective November 9, 2004. This important step will allow us now to pursue funding options in the way of grants, corporate gifts, sponsorships and individual donations, critical to achieving our goals and carrying out VSRN's agenda, which includes:

1) patient advocacy and support for persons with complications from vision surgery
2) providing information and resources for rehab to persons with complications
3) operating a web site and bulletin board for patient and doctor interaction and information
4) holding support group meetings for persons with complications
5) establishing a resource “network” of eye care and allied health care practitioners to assist in patient rehab
6) attending symposia, conferences and scientific meetings to promote awareness of complications and remedies
7) providing information and resources to the media and the general public about vision surgery complications
8) establishing a research database of complications
9) facilitating the development of continuing education for professionals interested in learning how to address rehab issues
10) developing a range of patient and practitioner education materials in a variety of media: print, interactive, video, etc.

To find out how you can support VSRN's work, please write info@visionsurgeryrehab.org.

Thanks to all who have continued to support VSRN through their subscriptions and pledges.
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