I have searched a bit on this forum, but not seen anything like mine so thought I would ask for advice/what to expect in the coming months.

I had both eyes done on 7/4. Pre surgery my prescription without glasses was 20/25 in left eye and 20/30 in right.

Now my best correctable is 20/85 in left and 20/25 in right. Obviously much worse than before LASIK.

I have been diagnosed with having stage 3 or 4 DLK by my second opinion as well as the Dr. that preformed my surgery.

What can I expect going forward? I have glasses which help me get by day to day. Will this heal eventually?

Really appreciate the comments and help!
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Originally posted by jcush:

Pre surgery my prescription without glasses was 20/25 in left eye and 20/30 in right.

I am confused. Why did you have LASIK if your uncorrected acuity was so close to 20/20?

What can you expect going forward? It all depends on how well the treatment for the DLK goes. I assume they lifted the flap and treated you with steroids. Are you still being treated?
I couldn't wear contacts as they drove me nuts and glasses were a neucanxe.
My flap was not lifted. DLK was only pointed out after getting 2nd opinion.

I am tapering off Durezol from 4 times per day to now 3 as it does not seem to be doing much of anything.

It definitely sounds like the dr made a mistake by not lifting my flap right away. I was just told it was an incomplete flap and that it would heal with steroids.

At this point your prognosis for vision recovery is guarded pending the outcome of the DLK. Then again, an "incomplete flap" might be more descriptive of why your vision is so poor. If your vision is not improving with treatment for DLK, then it sounds more like a flap problem. Do you have any recent topographies, Orbscans, Pentacams, etc. that you can share with me?
Unfortunately I do not. The Dr. I received a 2nd opinion from told me that he did not believe the flaps were causing any issues at all.

My father-in-law is also and Optometrist and took a look. He said the same thing as my 2nd opinion. SOS and or DLK.

Was just curious how long the healing process usually took. Tomorrow is 3 months from surgery date. I have taken 3 or 4 steroid packs as well as been religious about using first Prolensa, and now Durezol.

Appreciate you replying. I'm to the point where I'm past being frustrated and accepting that my vision will be poor for the unseen future, no pun intended.

The comment about an incomplete flap may have referred to the edge of the flap not sealing properly. DLK is due to epithelial cell migration under the flap and a bad edge can foster the DLK.

Who is presently treating the DLK. The surgeon or second opinion doc?

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