Post Lasik Complications - my story + what I am doing for treatment

Hi all,

Firstly I want to say I am so relieved to find this forum! I honestl wasn't sure if what I was doing was right or if I was batshit going crazy. I am a 27 year old woman living in Berlin, Germany.

I got my Lasik surgery done from a very reputable doctor in India, prior to which I had myopia: -4,50 and -3,75. The surgery went well, however I did have a lot of dryness and difficulty looking at screens. I had a brief moment (about a year after Lasik) when it did get better, however reading for too long or scrolling a lot on computers triggered unmanageable nausea. I thought this might just be that I have reached my limit for using computers. 

2 years post Lasik: BLURRY VISION in left eye and halos at night. This started to trouble me and I went to an opthamologist in Berlin, Germany (I moved to Berlin 2 years after I got my Lasik done). Around the same time I developed EYE STRAIN AND NAUSEA. 

My opthamologist told me my eyes look perfectly healthy, but I might have an over-correction and might have developed near sightedness post Lasik. He then prescribed me computer glasses of +0.75 and +0.25. He also prescribed eye drops for dry eyes and then told me I might be 'stressed' and that is why I am having these eye problems. This was ********, of course, and I didn't believe that it was just stress causing these sudden problems for me.

Things were a little better after.. but soon enough the nausea came back with a vengeance. I now had nausea even while doing daily activities and not just sitting on the computer. The nausea was too much for me and I was unable to concentrate on anything or look at anything without experiencing severe discomfort. I was starting to get depressed as most of my work and hobbies involved screens. 

I then started experiencing severe LIGHT SENSITIVITY especially to computer screens. The sensitivity developed even for normal lights. I was freaking out as you can imagine!

I did a lot of research online and found an OPTEMETRIST in Berlin who does vision therapy. Here is what she told me:

I have convergence insufficiency, severe suppression in my left eye and that she will start vision therapy for me which will go on for 10 months. I am very thankful to her because my problems did get 50 % better. However, I still did have PAIN BEHIND MY RIGHT EYE after computer use. 

6 months ago I developed eye floaters which do not go away, another post-lasik complication that freaked me out. Before I found this forum, I decided to go for the second time to some eye doctors and I got the same answer: my eyes are totally fine. 

I wasn't sure or did not fully believe in the vision therapy I was doing because I was convinced I might have some sort of an eye infection. But now I am sure after this forum it has to do with the eye muscle and convergence insufficiency problems my vision therapist told me. 

I have to say if I don't do my vision therapy for a stretch, I get a 'nausea attack' and lack of focus from my eyes. With a combination of eye drops for dry eyes + daily vision therapy + Gunnar computer glasses, my eyes are becoming a bit more manageable although I am beginning to accept they will never really be like before anymore

If anyone has any other options for treatment or any doctors who could help me here (not just in Germany, but in whole of Europe), please do let me know. 

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